Monday, March 10, 2008

Tirade Part 1

Love to Watch Her Strut

Listening to the radio in class today, an old Bob Seegar song played which reminded me of this exotic dancer I once believed would become my soul mate and the mother of my children. Once more, I encountered my mortality. Or should I say my delusions. My illusions of grandeur and desperate need for companionship at the time brought with it some realizations. First, that particular young lady was half my age and, as it turned out, was married to a Baptist Preacher. The quality time we spent together, combined with the illusion of male menopause made me feel quite satisfied with myself. Does anyone know the difference between male and female menopause? Simple…women get hot and cold flashes gain weight and grow mustaches while men get to drive sports cars and date twenty-something strippers.

The memory of her marital status (and yes, her beauty) combined with the reality check of my age brought me back to my senses this morning. With the fast approaching advent of senior citizenship, I find myself waxing philosophical more and more. I think of things I have done, and things I wish I could not remember. I earnestly love to write, and I find that once at the keyboard, I am partial to long meanderings into the psyche of this wannabee sage. Unfortunately, this blog is not the place to ramble and rant all willy-nilly without direction. I have a webpage ( where I use to be able to write to my hearts content. Well, I filled that page up and they want money to go further.

This blog is new territory (terrorist?) for me. I need to learn this type of writing. I am going to do some research and work on what, exactly, I desire from this blog. I thought to just continue my unfettered meanderings when the web page ran out of room, and that does not seem to be the right approach. So…I think I will create a new “genus” in the uncultivated world of all that is “T. Lloyd Reilly.” The Tirade: posts that will be usually of a censorious or denunciatory nature.” A diatribe of the written kind where I will attack, denounce, harangue, criticize, scold, seethe, and generally rage against whatever machine extracts my ire from the ethereal and incorporeal realm of the news media. I blame much of society’s ills on a vicious and perverted news machine that has little to do with reporting the news and much to do with income, and ratings.

So I guess I will just go ahead and resist my miserly ways and pay the stipend the website wishes and shoot arrows and throw rocks in this blog until they decide to make me pay. Later…