Thursday, January 14, 2016

Primordially Plausible

It bewildered most who viewed it. It showed up on CNN and was instantly written off by many as a hoax. Who could believe there was a race of people who were polka dotted? Not the simple polka dot of black and white, but an array of all the colors of the spectrum. Well, in reality, it turned out to be just the seven primary colors, but most assuredly a hoax. They lived in a remote area of the Great North. It is a place that had barely been explored or even by the heartiest of adventurers. Sitting above the Arctic Circle, and nowhere within reach of any trail, road, or hint of a path it had gone unnoticed until a satellite picture revealed it to the world by accident. The satellite had been in a collision with one of the errant pieces of debris abounding in space and knocked off trajectory.

The proliferation of Global Warming had left it accessible for a while in the spring and a team from the Royal Geographical Society launched an expedition to investigate the heat readings that suggested life in this far-flung location. They found a small village of people who were unlike any previously known to exist. They took DNA samples and about a million pictures and went back to civilization to study their findings. They left a small team of two – one man, and one woman researcher.

They intended to return in a year when the weather permitted travel for a larger contingent of scientist. The two they left were a biologist and an anthropologist. What they found was that these people were not necessarily human but had enough genetic markers to be a distant cousin. Well, they rather had identifiers to suggest that they shared a common ancestor with humans, but not like simians such as apes, gorillas, or monkeys. These “people” were of a higher formation on a cognitive level. The village had been frightening in its modernity. They had, in everyday use, technology far surpassing human expertise, and seemed to be able to survive in the harsh environs with little difficulty. They had a grasp of language to the nth degree. The expedition had been there barely a month and all the adults and half the children were fluent in English with some of them also picking up French from a cryptozoologist who had talked his way on to the team.

They were advanced in areas of agriculture and food production that should not had been possible and refused to let the expedition leader go hunting for polar bears. They informed the team that the eating of meat was restricted to those species bred by them. These creatures were also polka dotted in the same manner as the people. The chickens laid eggs that produced multiple egg yolks for higher protein content as well as normal eggs for fertilization in use for the propagation of their flock of chickens. Miniature cattle were present as well as pigs, rabbits, and some fish. The entire village was enclosed in buildings produced by small trees growing in a garden/forest they had on the edge of the village. They practiced population control and held meetings twice a day to speak of spiritual matters. The village was not so concerned with the outside world showing no desire for contact with the outside world. They were hospitable, though, with all in the expedition being treated as valued visitors.

When the team came back the next year, the two team members they left were both married and greeted their colleagues with infant children in their arms. This brought about a vehemently harsh reaction from the team leader with grumblings of cross species contamination and other modern day issues. The two scientists sat and listened to the complaints and politely informed the rest of the team that their concerns were unimportant and that they had no intention of ever returning to what they had been erroneously titled “civilization.”

The room erupted into a yelling and screaming mess. The explorers all railed against the two newest members of this society holding their multicolored children. They cited all sorts of scientifically sound arguments for the breach in ethics the researchers were perpetrating, and the disservice to the Society they were committing.

All of which fell on the deaf ears of the new parents sitting before them.

The woman went first by explaining that the reason she had become a scientist, and took part in the expedition as well as other missions of discovery was because she had been diagnosed when she was a girl as not being capable of mothering any children. She did not marry and chose a career that would be of interest to her. The male scientist informed him that he was also in the same predicament as his friend and colleague. Mumps as a child had left him sterile. Here, with these people he was able to father one child, and had another on the way. They both likened the life in this environ as what one might, on a romantic level, the fictional city of Shangri La. They would never leave.

The leader of the team sat for a minute and took it all in. He was not unsympathetic to what had been said, but pragmatic on the reality of the situation. He explained that the report on this place had already created a vast consequence for its future. Now, everyone wanted to see these “things” and that as they speak, there was probably a number of teams searching for the location with camera film crews, and reality show producers eager to get this on television. The idyllic world these creatures lived was about to be invaded by humanity, or rather Hollywood, in all its obtuse, self-interested, self-seeking, venal, and greedy best.

The leader of the tribe had been sitting in the back listening and whispered something in the ear of one of his mates who got up and left. He walked to the front of the room and informed the head of the explorers that they would have to pack their things and leave. He invited them to eat a meal and get a night’s sleep but they would, indeed, have to leave. He explained that he and his people, he gestured towards the new parents, had to make preparations to move the encampment to a place of safety.

When the scientist almost as a single voice, began informing them that there was no place for them to go, he held his hand up to them and smiled. He sat down and calmly explained that it was not a concern they should take on. His village had been in existence for somewhere around four thousand millennium and would probably last another four thousand.

He went on to detail the history of his people. They had been part of the primordial soup that all life on the planet had come from. There had been a race of people from another place in the galaxy that had seeded, or “peppered” our world, as well as many others throughout the galaxy. There was little more they did to any of these world except leave the trace ingredients for a group of beings such as those who lived in this village. The proper sequence of events occurred that allowed them to evolve and become the first bi-pedal beings on the planet. Growing apart from the rest of humanity, they were able to grow and flourish as they do now. Some expeditions into the other paces on the earth had allowed them to learn of the ideals and practices of agriculture and their natural intelligence had allowed them to adapt to the realities of this planet. One thing they did not find necessary to accede was the proliferation of violence. When their explorers came back and detailed for them the realities of how human treat humans, it was a unanimous decision that they would not participate in that unpleasant activity in their culture. That was why they settled where they settled. And they would not allow for any violence to infringe on their life today. He got up and walked out of the room.

The next morning, the team bid farewell to their colleagues and the polka dotted people and left. They had met before leaving and decided that the information they brought back would be that the village had disappeared and could not be found. Satellites were re-tasked and teams sent in search of these strange creatures, but to no avail. Hollywood called it a purposefully perpetrated ploy and all of the original team members lost their jobs. Many of them never found work in their field again.

The cryptozoologist kept his word and remained silent. His field had always been written off as cranks and he just went on about his business. He moved on to a number of other searches; Big Foot, a definitive decision on Loch Ness, and the search for a Nagual werewolf in Central America. He just went on about his business and finding himself in early winter in the Andes Mountains on a similar werewolf search. He was staying at a remote village near the border of Chile and decided to take a hike up into the higher regions. He was packed for an overnight as a precaution and did not expect to be gone more than a few hours. The weather turned bad and he found himself in the midst of a snow storm. He got himself turned around and lost his compass. He stumbled on for a few hours and decided to give up and set his tent up to wait out the storm. He found a flat spot with little snow and crawled into the tent. The wind was fierce but his tent held steady. He went to sleep and woke up the next morning to sunshine. He opened his tent flap and was surprised by the sight of a child, about ten years old holding a kitten…both spotted with the primary colors of the spectrum. The child was smiling.