Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Five of Swords

"The Five of Swords card suggests that my power today lies in the upper hand. I can outwit or outlast and I choose my battles wisely. This puts me in a superior position. I know when it's time to hold, fold, or walk away. I am a survivor and am not easily defeated. I am empowered to gain the advantage by turnabout and my virtue fair play."

This quote greeted me in my inbox this morning while checking my e-mail.  Somehow, at some point in the past, I felt it germane to sign up for a daily reading of tarot cards.  I have no faith in this medium for the prediction of what my life should be, but it is just one of many messages I receive daily that are of a spiritual nature.  I tend to keep a rather heterogeneous view on the metaphysical.  While I am a pronounced believer in Jesus Christ as the God I am trying to understand, I realize that there might be more to a belief in God than one might think.  I liken my belief in the many as being similar to an agnostic praying daily on the off chance he/she might just be wrong.  I struggle with life at times (right now being one of those times) and usually report on my struggles at the Twelve Step meeting I attend and fervently love. 

Today, I am awash with feelings and ideas that have collided into this mess of words you are reading.  I have several places on the internet where one might go to introduce themselves into the world of an award winning writer of note ( and be regaled with both wit and wisdom. The amount, individually, of either wit or wisdom is directly related to the spiritual condition I am currently either enjoying, or woefully in lack of.  

My journey in life has taken a decided turn away from prosperity and into the realm of the impoverished.  The term “Starving Artist” comes to mind altogether too often for this scribes liking.  Nothing to fear though, I am resolute in my direction in life and will write for a living until it either; pays a living wage, or, sends me to an early grave.

I write today in order to get something on a page and distributed to the multiverse.  Recently I have spent more time attempting to sell my works of fiction than in creating new tomes for the betterment of mankind.  I suffered a short bout with the dreaded “writers block” and have refused to let me stop doing what I love the most.  In order to get to a place where this post was possible I did a search on the phenomena and found a pretty good article about what depression could do to help with writers block.  It was a reprint of an article from another source and the author was none other than T. Lloyd Reilly.  Actually it was on awebsite I had never heard of and there was no reference to me.  I had wrote the piece for one of my blogs and paid it no real attention after writing it. (

An initial thought that came to me was that I had been plagiarized and HOW DARE THEY? Then I realized that, in a way, this was an affirmation.  Someone thought my writing was worthy of larceny and worthy of sharing.  Hence, the writer of note mentioned earlier.  I realize this is a cheap thrill but you take what you can get.  As I spoke of earlier, life’s a 40 watt bulb in a 100 watt world right now.

Continuing on from the email and the revelation that someone is dimwitted enough to believe that I have or ever had the “Upper Hand”, I journeyed my way in the Cyberverse looking for either respite or revelation.  It is a known fact that the internet is morally and intellectually lacking ofany true value to the mankind in general.  Dispute this as you may, but keep it out of my inbox or comment section, I am in no mood for either discussion or debate
In the midst of my wanderings I found what I expected to find:  

In my email inbox - “Meet me on sexbook”
Yea, this former and still currently certified school teacher is really going to let a total stranger and probably twenty year old promiscuous bimbo get me in the newspaper for immoral acts.  After all, sex as a senior citizen is at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry. Besides, those damn blue pills are expensive!  If I do get lucky, I want it to be with someone who is old enough to allow me to avoid having to register as a sex offender.

How Barack Obama Made His Fortune
I read this as I was filling out a form to renew my food stamp benefits.  Any questions?

 “Poll: Americans Pick President Obama Over Mitt Romney for Dinner Date”
The restaurants where these guys eat do not accept food stamps. 

“50 years after forming X-Men, Professor X dead
Really?  Didn’t they do that in the movie?  How long are they going to let him be dead this time?

Triple-Amputee Veteran Receives 'Smart Home'
I stopped here.  It told me that everything was going to be okay.  It told me that everything is possible.  It gave me the proper boot in the ass to write this piece.  Check it out: